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Value Added Products

Let us introduce you to a variety of value-added products, that are the industry’s most popular and resourceful tools.

Customer Serviceimg

Customer Service

Reach us any time of the day via email or reach our customer service to answer any of your questions or inquiries.

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Wiring Information

Help protect yourself from wire fraud. Real estate wire fraud is real. Learn how to be Wire Safe.Contact your local office for wiring instructions

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Market Updates

Receive details of data from full transfers in SoCal each month.Get specific information on local residential, commercial, condominium, and vacant land transactions.

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Lender Rate Portal

This is a dedicated portal for our lenders to get an accurate rate under the CFPB compliance. Please note that a registration process is necessary. Customers who do not have a login should contact their Sales Executive or Escrow Officer.

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Title & Settlement Rate Quotes

For Residential Title & Settlement rates quotes

What’s Trending

TicorAgent ONE

Real Estate’s #1 Closing Cost App! TicorAgent ONE offers a variety of tools to assist with closing costs that are specific to your market. Among these tools are the Seller Net Sheets, Buyer Quick Estimates, Rent vs Buy calculator, and more! Your estimates can be translated into 11 languages, and with the snapshot feature, you can send your client’s closing costs in minutes!

The future of real estate is... coming soon!img

The future of real estate is... coming soon!

The inHere® Experience Platform transforms the real estate transaction experience, helping to enhance the safety and simplicity needed to start, sign, and notarize documents needed to close on a home. The entire process from opening escrow to post closing is now digital!

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Ticor Cares

Ticor Title is Proud to support our local communities and bring social awareness to these reputable organizations.